Push Notification Channel

Push notification applications are a rage and have in the past couple of years been a real game changer in terms of notifications.

As communication methods are getting more complex and have more alternative routes and options for delivery, push notifications are turning out to be an easy option in terms of integration as well as usability.

Keeping this in mind, let's have a look into the integration processes for some Push notification providers.

  1. Expo
  2. FCM
  3. Mi Push
  4. OneSignal
  5. APNs


Fyno's Push Simulator

We know you love testing.

And to provide this feature for you, with realtime logs and experience of configuration, Fyno has come up with the Push Simulator to help you do just that! Avoid the hassle of integrating your providers and use our Push Simulatorto get an idea of how an integration would work when added to Fyno's platform.

To set it up, follow the below steps:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click on Integrations.
  2. On the page that opens, under the Push section, find and click on Simulator.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, provide a name and click on Add Account.

And you are all set to go!

Benefits of using Fyno's Push Simulator

  • You are not using any of your live providers
  • You will save credits from your live account when testing
  • You will save usage bandwidth on your live providers