Before integrating FCM with Fyno, you will need to have an account already set up in FCM with an App built (SDK) within FCM.

  1. Navigate to Integrations.
  2. Under "Push" section, click on the "FCM" button.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, fill in:
    1. Custom name: Provide a name that would help you identify the configured account in Fyno's portal.
    2. Firebase Project ID: Log into your Firebase (FCM) panel and find the app that you would like to connect to.
      1. On the "Project Overview" tab on the left navigation panel, find the "Settings" icon, and select "Project Settings".
      2. On the page that opens, on the ribbon menu find " Service Accounts" and click on "Generate New Private Key". If you are not able to see "Generate New Private Key", you will need to first "Create a new Service Account" by clicking on the button.
      3. Once downloaded, open the file, which will have the "project_id". Fill in the details.
    3. Private Key: Following the same steps as above, you can find the "Private Key" in the file that opens.
    4. Client Email: Following the same steps as above, you can find the "Client Email" in the file that opens.
  4. Click on "Add Account" once done and you are all set!


Wait! "Private Key" format is important!

When you copy the "Private Key" from the downloaded file, copy the entire value that is mentioned within the quotes, which includes the prefix and suffix as below:

"-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----your_key-----END PRIVATE KEY-----"

Message Delivery Status

FCM, by default, provides the status of the message without any additional set-up needed. You will only need to make sure to deploy Fyno's SDK with your application.

Once the above integration is complete, the status of the notification, which will be shared by FCM will be displayed in the logs, when you click on it, under the Delivery tab.