Single Channel Routing - Introduction

Fyno's Single Channel Routing brings to the table the flexibility and the freedom of "creation", that would allow for you to work with multiple providers for a specific channel.

What exactly is a Single Channel Route?

The feature "Single Channel Routing" helps you decide how exactly you would like to route your traffic, for any provider that is already configured within each of your channels.

You can choose to do anything from "Do Nothing" to do a specific action like route traffic through a different operator, based on the mobile number series. That flexible!

Why do I need Routing?

Single Channel Routing gives you the freedom to plan and build redundancies between your providers. No more downtimes with Fyno's Routing feature!

Single Channel Routing also can help you easily plan for commitments with your providers and help achieve this seamlessly without manual monitoring and switch-overs

Single Channel Routing can also help target specific audiences based on conditional routing, explained in the next sections.