On the "Log Details" pop-up, the third tab on the ribbon menu you will see is "Content".

The "Content" tab shows you all the details of the content that has been triggered in the notification.

Depending on the channel being used, it can show you a wide variety of details like:

  1. Message content - The written or static and replaced parameters ( if any) part of the message
  2. Type of Message - Anything from Unicode to plain text to media types, depending again on the content and the "Channel" that was used.
  3. Template ID - In case the notification was an SMS and it has a Template ID, the same will be mentioned as well
  4. Subject: In case the notification triggered was an email, this will show the subject line of the email sent
  5. Body - In case the notification sent was an email, this will display the content that made up the body of the email