User Profiles - Overview

A User Profile contains all the information about a user which is required to send out any notification.

All the data related to a user, along with the details of notifications sent, and much more are stored within a user profile. This includes basic user information and specific channel-wise information to ensure the successful delivery of notifications.

All this information is connected to a unique identifier called a Distinct ID, which can then be used to fire any type of notification.

With the introduction of Distinct ID, you can replace your data payload that may contain information like email, sms, or push token. The Distinct ID then becomes the identifier to pick up the relevant information required to fire the notification through any channel.

Why User Profiles?

User Profiles bring all the user data and the notification logs sent to that user in one place.
It helps you get the best use of your user data and fire notifications efficiently and effectively.
It allows you to:

  • Fire notifications with just a single Distinct ID
  • Get an overall understanding of your users
  • Have the ability to enable or disable all notifications for any user
  • Manage your users' notifications with preferences and intelligence
  • View all the notifications sent to that user

On the listing page of User Profiles you will see a list of all your created users, with certain details pertaining to that account, which are the "User Properties" for that account.

Distinct ID is an ID that is associated with a specific User ID and is unique to that User ID. No two User Profiles can have the same Dinstinct ID.

Apart from Distint ID the other properties that are visible for each account are:

General user properties:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Timezone
  • Status
  • Created At
  • Updated At

Channel-specific user properties:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Push
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Teams
  • Inapp

You also can find a few more options on the page as below:

  1. Column list toggle: At top right corner of the list of user profiles, a toggle-able column list icon is visible. This helps you select, or deselect columns of your choice. By default all columns are selected and visible.
  2. Test and Live Toggle Tabs: A user profile could be of either type: Test or Live. Profiles created within either environment are similar and work in the same way.


Keep in mind about the Environments

Notifications fired from Live notification events can only be send to Live users and cannot be sent to Test versions.

This will also mean that these logs will be visible for Live Notification Events for Live users, under the Live tab of the Logs page.

Crossing over of User Profiles from Live to Test versions or vice versa is not possible.

  1. Add Users: The Add users button is the option that allows you to manually add new user profiles to your Fyno account.