Creating User Profiles

Creating a user profile is very simple with the Fyno App. The details captured are also relevant and goal-oriented, which ultimately adds up to the overall process of profile management.

To create a user profile from Fyno, click the “Add Users” button on the user profile listing page.

A pop-up will open up with a form to fill out as below:


Choose your Environment wisely!

When creating a new User Profile, the first thing you need to specify is if the user is a Test or Live user.

This cannot be changed later or at any point in the future.

The fields present in the form are:

FieldsRequired?Unique?Multiple Entries?Type
Distinct IDYesYesNoString
InAppNoNoYesArray of Objects
PushNoNoYesArray of Objects
StatusYesNoNo"Enabled" or "Disabled"


Distinct ID is the only required field.

Fill out the form with all the required information and press the "Add User" button to submit the form.
A single user profile will be added after successful submission.


Things to Remember

  • The Distinct ID must be unique, and a duplicate Distinct ID entry will give you an error.
  • The minimum required length for a Name is 3.
  • All the other details are optional and can be added later by updating the user profile.
  • Status disabled means that that user will be rendered Disabled and wouldn't receive ANY notification.