Create a SMS Template from Fyno

You can create a SMS template and send it for Approval from Fyno itself. To do so, go to Templates->External->SMS. Click Create. It will open up the below popup.

  1. Template Name - Give a unique name for your SMS template.
  2. DLT Integration - Select from the list of DLT integrations from the dropdown. Please make sure you have configured at least one DLT integration
  3. Category - Choose a category that best describes your message template.
    1. Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards
    2. Real Estate
    3. Education
    4. Health
    5. Consumer goods and automobiles
    6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertaintment/IT
    7. Tourism and Leisure
    8. Food and Beverages
    9. Others
  4. Template Type
    1. Transactional - Transactional SMS can only be used by Banks to send OTPs and alerts.
    2. Service Implicit - All kinds of purely transactional SMS content like OTPs, Order Placement, Order Tracking, etc.
    3. Service Explicit - All kinds of promotional content should be registered here, like Discounts, Offers, New Launches
    4. Promotional - Similar to Service Explicit except it can be sent between 10 PM and 9 AM.
  5. Click Create.

You will see the below screen where you need to configure your Header and Content.

  1. Header - Its a mandatory field. It should be one of the DLT Headers configured in the DLT Integrations. Header should be 6 characters.

  2. Content - Its a mandatory field. You can see the preview on the right hand side. You can add placeholders as {{1}}, {{2}} etc. Placeholders should be in numerical order. For example: {{1}} should be used before {{2}} and so on

  3. Unicode - Its optional field. Select this checkbox if you want to send messages in any foreign and regional language other than English