Notification Events - Overview

What is a notification event?

A notification event is the final club sandwich of templates, providers, and channels.

Notification Events = Providers + Rule + Template

What does it do?

A notification event is what sends your configured message to the end user.


Note: We are talking about transactional scenarios and a notification event such as a transaction will most usually be triggered for only one user.

Bulk sending of a message is more promotional and is not the purpose of a notification event. A notification event is personalised for a user at a given point in time.

How do they work?

  1. Add the recipient number or email ID - depending on your use case.
  2. Add variables that have been created within the template.
    1. Variables are usually denoted within {{}}.
    2. Each variable needs to be filled out without which the default variable placeholder itself will be delivered in the message.

Work involved in creating a notification event?

You will need to choose the template along with the channels to create a successful notification event. A detailed walk-through is provided in the next section.