Versioning - Overview

Versioning allows for you to create multiple instances or Test versions of a Template, Route or Notification Event that allows you to do specific activities, mostly for testing purposes, without having any repercussions to your live or active configurations.

At Fyno, we understand how important it is for you to have a system that does not have a "maintenance downtime", for testing or implementing updated versions of a product.

To aid with this, we give you our solution to this problem, Test and Live Versions!

Test Version

A copy or version of the Template, Route helps you test everything, before taking it into production or going live with it. Think of it as a backstage rehearsal before the main performance.

Live Version

A Live version is where all the magic happens, in real-time. This would be the live version of the Notification Event, Template or Route that is active and not being tested.

Benefits of Versioning

There are many advantages to having versioning, some of which are:

  1. Allows for testing without affecting your current set-up, which will continue to run seamlessly
  2. Helps you test the concepts that you ideate before pushing them into production.
  3. Gives you room to make unlimited edits (test versions) until you're fully ready to go live.

Enabling Environments

Enabling an environment in Fyno is easy as clicking a button.

Once you have logged into your Fyno account, on Routes, Templates or Notification Events

  1. Find the View Live toggle option on the top of the page.
  2. Click on the toggle option to either enable or disable Live view.
  3. The selected option will be highlighted and you would be working in that version.


Changes in Test Version will not be visible in Live, unless they are "promoted"!

Read more about "promoting" a Draft, in Templates, Routing and Notification Events.