Fyno Shorty

Fyno Shorty enables you to transform long links into trackable short URLs. You can generate both generic URLs and user specific URLs, which will help you to track clicks at user and channel level.

To activate the Fyno Shorty feature, navigate to Workspace Settings, then select Add-ons. Toggle the switch under Fyno Shorty to the "on" position.

How it works?

  1. Within the template placeholder popup, you'll notice the Fyno Shorty icon positioned at the upper right corner.
  1. Upon clicking the icon, the UI will appear as depicted below.
  1. Choose the type of URL you want to generate
    1. General : Choose this option if you want to track URL clicks only at Notification Event level and not at channel or user level. This is recommended for use cases like creating product URLs for Google/FB Ads and or you want to track only clicks.
    2. User-Level : Choose this option, if you want to track URL at user and channel level. This is recommended for use cases like sending unique payment links to users and or you want to track the click event at the message level.
  2. Enter key and value, ensure value is in valid URL format. You can add as many key, value pairs as needed by clicking 'Add Shortened URL+'.
  3. Exclude Channels - This is optional. You can enable this option if you wish to exclude specific channels from URL shortening. For example, in this scenario where three channels are configured in the template (SMS, WhatsApp, Email). If you prefer not to use the URL shortener for Email, simply choose "Email" from the dropdown menu.


The shortened URLs generated will remain valid for a duration of 30 days.