Before you integrate the SDK into your Flutter app, make sure the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  1. Fyno Account
    • You must have a Fyno account and an active workspace. Learn more about workspaces here.
    • Configure your Fyno Push provider in Fyno App.
  2. Flutter Application
    • Ensure you have a working Flutter application. If you don't, set up a new Flutter project using the Flutter CLI or your preferred IDE.
  3. iOS Prerequisites
    • Apple Developer Account: Required for setting up push notifications on iOS. Follow the APNs setup guide.
    • Xcode: Ensure you have Xcode installed and set up for iOS development.
  4. Android Prerequisites
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM): Set up Firebase and create a project in the Firebase Console. Download the google-services.json (for Android) or GoogleService-Info.plist (for iOS) and place them in your Flutter project root folder. Follow the FCM setup guides for Android and iOS.
    • Xiaomi Setup: If you intend to send push notifications to Xiaomi devices, set up a Xiaomi Developer Account and create an application in the Xiaomi push console. Refer to the Mi Push Documentation for more details.
  5. Development Environment
    • Dart and Flutter SDK: Ensure your Flutter development environment is set up and working correctly.
    • Integrated Development Environment (IDE): IDEs like Visual Studio Code (for Flutter), Android Studio (for Android) and Xcode (for iOS) are recommended.

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