Workspace Settings

A Workspace is a cloud environment within the Fyno application that is specific only to your company's organisation. Workspaces allows you to collaborate, delegate access and manage projects easily with team members.

Workspace Settings contain environment-level toggles and permissions that can be enabled or disabled depending on your or your team's requirement.

Let's have an overview of the page.

Navigate to Workspace Settings by following the below steps:

  1. Click on the Profile Icon on the top right corner of your Fyno App page.
  2. From the drop-down, select Workspace Settings.

On the page that opens, you will find:

Workspace ID

Fyno's unique workspace ID, which you will see at the top of the page, is an identifier that allows you to section out your workspace from the rest.

Workspace ID is essential for various security measures as well as authentication.

  1. It helps identify the workspace you are currently working in.
  2. It gives an additional layer of protection when used with your APIs and API Keys.
  3. Easily helps segregate different workspaces and keep them sectioned out from the other workspaces.

You can see the below options as well:

  1. Team
  2. API Keys
  3. Allowlist URL
  4. Alerts
  5. Security