Fyno WhatsApp

Why Fyno WhatsApp

Fyno WhatsApp is Your All-in-One WhatsApp Business Solution. Onboard instantly, manage templates in a breeze, and track approvals live. All while enjoying direct billing with Meta.

  1. Streamlined Onboarding: You can use Fyno's embedded signup flow to create new business accounts or connect existing Meta Business accounts in minutes. If you want to migrate your exisiting Meta business account to Fyno, you need to disable 2-factor authentication on your existing Meta (WhatsApp) phone number account.
  2. Effortless Template Management: Seamlessly import your existing WhatsApp templates from Meta to Fyno with a single click. No more tedious copy-pasting or data migration headaches.
  3. Direct Relationship with Meta: Maintain a direct billing relationship with Meta for greater clarity and ownership over your WhatsApp communication expenses.
  4. Empowering Template Creation & Updates: Easily create and refine your WhatsApp templates directly in Fyno's intuitive interface. No need to switch between platforms.
  5. Real-time Approval Tracking: Get instant updates on your WhatsApp template approvals within Fyno.

Sign up flow

The sign-up experience for creating a Meta-verified WhatsApp account might vary based on the situation you’re in.

You’ll fall into one of these three scenario:

  1. You have an existing WhatsApp Business account with a BSP (and you’re migrating to Fyno)
  2. You wish to add a WhatsApp account to an Existing Facebook Business Account
  3. You are starting from Scratch — Creating a Facebook Business account and a WhatsApp business account for your business. Fyno helps you establish both.

Scenario 1: You have an existing WhatsApp Business Account with a BSP

There are two scenarios here.

  1. You would like to move your existing WhatsApp account from your existing BSP to Fyno.
  2. You might have an existing WhatsApp account connected with a BSP, but you would like to add a new WhatsApp number with Fyno (for different purposes — say support, or sales queries, etc.)

The assumption here is that you already have an existing verified Meta Business account.

How to setup integration

  1. Click on the Integrations on the navigation bar and select Fyno WhatsApp.
  2. Enter a Custom Name (for example: fyno-whatsapp-meta) and then click Login with Facebook.
  1. You will see the screen as shown below. Click Continue as button, which will redirect you to Signup flow in Meta.
  1. Complete the Embedded Sign up flow. After you click Finish in the Embedded Sign up Flow, you will be taken back to the Fyno App.
  2. On the next screen, you’ll all your business information including your Business name, website, country, etc. Click Next.
  3. You’ll see the Create or Select a WhatsApp Business Account screen. Keep the default option as it is, and click Next.
  4. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to create a WhatsApp business profile. Add your legal entity’s name under WhatsApp Business Account Name.
  5. Add a display name for your WhatsApp Business Profile. Also, choose the respective time zone, business category, description, etc. Once done, click Next.
  6. Now, add the phone number you want to be associated with WhatsApp. You’ll have to verify this new number by entering the OTP sent to this number. After verifying the phone number, click on Continue.
  7. Now, Meta will verify all your submitted information. It might take up to 2 minutes. After successful verification, you’ll see a confirmation screen on the pop-up window. Read through the instructions, and once you’re done, click Finish.
  8. Now, head back to Fyno, and you’ll see a success message telling that your new WhatsApp account is now connected with Fyno. Click on Add Account.
  9. If the integration is successful, you will a success prompt. Click Add Account to complete the integration.


Make sure to disable 2FA auth on your phone number in Meta, if you want to use the same number.

Creating and syncing WhatsApp templates

If you have existing WhatsApp templates, you can sync them to Fyno.

  • Go to Template > External from the left sidebar and click on the sync icon, which is present right before the + Create button.
  • Now, all your existing WhatsApp templates will be synced to Fyno.
  • If you don’t have existing templates, you can create new ones from Fyno by clicking on the + Create button. The newly created templates will be approved within a few minutes.
  • Please note that in order to test these templates using the new WhatsApp number, you should’ve added the payment method in your Facebook Business account.

Adding a payment method

  • Log into your Facebook Business Account
  • Click on the Settings section on the left sidebar.
  • Select Billing and Payments. You’ll see two tabs once you’re in — Ad accounts and WhatsApp Business Accounts.
  • Click on the WhatsApp Business Accounts tab and click on the Add Payment Method button.
  • Add your credit card information and click Save.
  • After adding your credit card details, you can test WhatsApp notifications for the new WhatsApp number.

Scenario 2: Adding WhatsApp to an existing Facebook Business Account

If you’re adding a new number to your existing Facebook business account, the process involved is very similar to the steps mentioned in Scenario 1.

Log into your Fyno account, click on Integrations, choose Fyno WhatsApp and follow the instructions on the screen.

Scenario 3: Creating a Facebook Business account and a WhatsApp business account from scratch

If you neither have a Facebook Business account nor a WhatsApp business account, you’ll have to start by creating a Facebook Business account first

Creating a Facebook Business Account

You’ll require the following documents to create a Meta-verified Facebook

  • Postpaid Phone Number: A business phone number must be registered on a postpaid plan under your company's name.
  • GST Registration: The GST registration certificate, which serves as the official proof of your business.
  • Company Website: Please ensure that your company website clearly displays your legal company name somewhere on the website — could be the footer, privacy policy, the about section, etc.
  • WhatsApp Number: Make sure you select the number you want associated with your official WhatsApp business account!
  • Credit Card with International Limits: Ensure your company credit card permits international transactions before starting the signup process.

Edge cases:

  • For Educational Institutions and sole proprietorship: If you’re an educational institution or a sole proprietor, you are exempt from GST. In that case, you can use your institution’s incorporation certificates for signing up.
  • If your new number already has a WhatsApp account: In that case, you’ll have to install WhatsApp on your phone, and deactivate the existing personal WhatsApp account.

If you’re creating a new Facebook business account, it might take up to 48 hours for it to get approved.

Once your Facebook Business account is verified, you can create a WhatsApp Business Account by the following the steps mentioned under Scenario 1.

Important points to remember:

  1. You’ll have to add a payment method to your Facebook Business account, as you’ll be directly billed by Meta going forward.
  2. WhatsApp carefully monitors how recipients interact with messages from your Business account. Initially, you'll be limited to 1,000 messages per day. As you build positive interactions, your account can progress to the 10k and 100k daily message tiers. However, if customers frequently mark your messages as spam or block your account, your quality rating drops. Low ratings will hinder your ability to move to the next tier and could even lead to template deactivation or, in severe cases, account deactivation by WhatsApp.
  3. If you don’t have a credit card with International transactions enabled, we advise you to talk to your bank or relationship manager to enable it. If you can’t, we have a workaround.
  4. In the absence of a card with international transactions enabled, your account will linked to our credit line partner, who will raise an invoice for your WhatsApp usage every month. Everything else will be taken care of by Fyno on the backend.