Creating a Template


Channels links back to the Channels we previously saw in the Integrations section under Providers. For each channel to work, a template is mandatory, without which the entire sequence of notification events would not work.

To understand how templates work for each Channel, let's go a little bit in-depth for each one.

  1. SMS (Messaging)
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Email
  4. Chat
  5. Push
  6. InApp


Did you know?

The Tick (βœ“) next to the each channel shows you that a template is configured for that channel.

A hyphen (-) indicates no templates configured for that channel.

Test and Live Versions

Every template that you create will be saved as Test versions, allowing you to test different variations and content of templates, to suit your needs.

When a Test version is saved, this does not disturb the Live version that may be plugged in your application and may be active.

When you are confident and happy with the Template that you have created and tested in Test version, this can then be moved into the live version by following the below steps.

  1. Make the final changes to the template and test it to make sure you are getting the desirable results.
  2. On the top of the page, next to the name of the Template, you will see the Test Version mentioned.
  3. To keep this as a Test, click on Save and the draft will be saved.
  4. To make this version of the Test version live, expand the Save menu to find Save and Promote.
  5. This will make the current version live in the Template.


Once a Template is live, all the Notification Events into which this template is plugged in will also be automatically updated and modified.