SMS Templates

Creating Templates for SMS's has been made super simple with Fyno's template feature.

You need to follow the below steps to create a SMS template

Template Type

  1. Synced - Select this option, if you have synced/uploaded all DLT approved SMS templates into Fyno. All these templates will be available under Templates -> External -> SMS
  2. Not Synced - Select this option if your SMS templates are not synced with Fyno.

Synced SMS Template

  1. If you choose Synced template type, you can select the template from the dropdown. If your template has any placeholders, it will appear under 'Body variables' as shown below. Once you provide sample values for the placeholders, they will reflect in the Preview section.

  2. Click Save which will save the template in Test versions. Use Save & Promote when you are ready to move your template into the "Live" version.

Not Synced SMS Template

  1. If you choose 'Not Synced Template', you will have an overview of your message details such as Encoding type, length of the message (character count) per part, and credits being used.

  2. You can enter the content of the message in the SMS template.

  3. Create Text, Unicode or Flash (checkboxes to select) messages.

    1. Unicode:Unicode SMS allows you to send messages in any foreign and regional language other than English
    2. Flash:A flash message appears on the mobile device’s screen, without having to access the SMS storage application on the device.
  4. Enter the DLT template ID for Indian Customers.

  5. Placeholders: Below the "Channels" section on the left, you can find placeholders. Placeholders are denoted by {{}} or Handlebars. You may define the parameters of Placeholders by clicking on it, which opens up a pop-up window where you can define them. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to use "Handlebars"

  6. Review your content and take a look at what your message would look like in the Preview section on the right.

  7. Click Save which will save the template in Test versions. Use Save & Promote when you are ready to move your template into the "Live" version


Did you know?

You can use period (.), underscore (_) or hyphen (-) within the handlebars. Try it now!


You cannot use only numeric values as placeholder keys!

How to test SMS template

You can use this feature to conduct thorough testing of a template prior to its inclusion in any Notification Event. This ensures the early detection and resolution of any potential issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  1. Click 'Run Test' on the top right hand side of the template.
  2. It opens the pop up as shown below.
  1. Enter the mobile no of the recipient where the SMS should be sent.
  2. Select a SMS service provider which is already configured in Fyno.
  3. When you click 'TEST', it will send SMS to the recipient with the selected service provider. You will see the success or failure message along with the link for Sent Logs.