Campaigns - Overview

Fyno's Campaigns feature is the feature that enables you to take your notification game to the next level.

Be it marketing campaigns or mass informational updates, campaigns are the way to go. Quickly set up and execute bulk messaging to your customers via SMS. Email, WhatsApp etc. with a few easy steps.

Why Campaigns?

Campaigns allow you to:

  1. Send out mass communication quickly
  2. Saves times
  3. Schedule and forget about it.
  4. Get detailed insights on your marketing base (from Campaign Analytics).

Getting Started with Campaigns

You can navigate to Campaigns by finding it on. the left navigation panel.

Let's run through the Campaigns Page to have a better understanding of how it works.

On the landing page, you will see:

  • An option to provide a name for your new campaign
  • An option to download a template CSV file of how the data would need to be uploaded.
  • An option to upload your CSV file for your campaign, with all the details.
  • A list of all the campaigns previously triggered with details of :
    • Campaign name
    • Total Count
    • Status: This may be "Fired", "Saved", "Processing" or "Scheduled on ...".
    • Created on date and time
    • Uploaded on date and time
    • Uploaded By
    • Actions
      • For "Fired" campaigns, you will see options to
        • View Campaign Analytics
        • View Campaign Logs
      • For "Saved" and "Scheduled" campaigns, you will see options to
        • Edit Campaign
        • Rename Campaign
        • Delete Campaign

On clicking on any of the previously created campaigns, you will be able to see the details of their configuration.


Details of a "Fired" campaign cannot be edited.

You will only be able to see the configurations of this campaign.