Workspace - Introduction

A Workspace is an environment within the Fyno application specific only to your company's organisation. Workspaces allows you to collaborate, delegate access and manage projects easily with team members.

Workspaces allow you to

  1. Segregate and create different environments for different teams.
  2. Allow access to relevant personnel only, via role-based restriction on the activities that can be done on the Fyno App.
  3. Easy segregation of data, based on teams or functions, however you like!
  4. Have secure and compliant environments to work in.

Creating a Workspace

Creating a Workspace in Fyno is currently from the back end, and you will need to connect with us at [email protected]

If you already have an account with Fyno, you will see your Workspace name as "Default Workspace" at the top right corner.

Click the drop-down and click on View All to see all the workspaces that you have been invited to or have access to.

Adding Team members to your Workspace

Having a Workspace means collaborating with colleagues and working together! Read more about Adding Team members to your Workspace!