Integrations - Introduction

Integrations, as the name suggests, help you seamlessly integrate any provider via the channel (SMS, Email, Push, etc) of your choice.

Fyno has simplified this further by smoothening the process of integrating your providers, with this detailed set-up guide below.


Channels are where it all starts, where you decide what the method of communication is that you want, to get in touch with your end users or customers, and Fyno has it all. We understand that in this ever-evolving world, having just one way of reaching out is not enough anymore.

Based on the channel you select, we have a provider-based integration guide in the next sections.


Simply put, providers are the companies or services through which the services for SMS, Email, Push, etc are rendered to you currently.

You can have one or more providers, depending on your business requirement and business model.

In this section, we will be covering the process of adding the providers that Fyno has already integrated. Your providers are listed under the "Channel" they provide a service under.


Keep in mind, only 5 integrations can be added per Provider, under all channels.

For example, under the Channel SMS, when you click on Twilio, you can add upto 5 accounts in Twilio.

In case you do not see your provider listed, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We will do our best to help you!

Integration ID

Once a provider is added successfully to the Provider's listing page, click on the created provider that you have added, to find that provider's integration ID.

This is auto-assigned by Fyno and cannot be edited or changed.