Gupshup Enterprise

Before we get started, you will need an active WhatsApp number as well as templates pre-configured in your Gupshup Enterprise account

  1. Navigate to Integrations.
  2. Under "WhatsApp" section, click on the "Gupshup Enterprise" button.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, fill in:
    1. Custom name: Provide a name that would help you identify the configured account in Fyno's portal.
    2. Username: Provide the username that you use to sign into your Gupshup Enterprise Account.
    3. Password: Provide the password that you use to sign in, corresponding to the same Gupshup Enterprise account
  4. Click on "Test Integration" once done. If the account is successfully connected, you will see a success message.


WhatsApp Template registration process for Gupshup Enterprise

Gupshup Enterprise requires you to provide the body of message content even for templatized messages. So, when you configure a Gupshup Enterprise account in our provider list, you will be required to provide the body of the message for template messages also.

Message Delivery Status

While Fyno has the capacity to track the notification delivery status, Gupshup Enterprise requires a manual update of the Fyno Callback Endpoint in order to receive these reports. To update the Callback manually follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gupshup Analytics account.
  2. On the left navigation pane, find and click on Integrations.
  3. On the page that loads, again on the left navigation panel, find Webhooks and click on WhatsApp Message Delivery Events.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter given in the Gupshup Enterprise Integration popup in the field mentioned as Notification Callback URL and select the forward method as JSONBODY and click on Submit at the end of the page.
  5. We recommend you test the configuration once by clicking on Test at the top right corner of the page to make sure the configuration is working as expected.