Sent Logs

Sent logs are where we help you track each and every notification sent from Fyno.

Logs are a detailed view of what has happened on each of your requests, with vital information for you to further analyse and derive conclusions about the notifications sent, and to further improve your communication strategies.

This section covers the logs that you can see on the Fyno platform, how you can filter through the application to narrow down your search and a detailed understanding of the individual log details.

When we go to the "Sent Logs" from the left navigation menu, we see the following sections:

  1. Logs
  2. Test & Live Versions
  3. Filters (explained in next section).


The logs that are seen on the "Sent Logs" page give you an overview of the latest activity that has occurred on your Fyno account.

When you have a look at the logs, what you will initially notice is the status icon that gives you an overall understanding of if the notification is:

  1. Submitted
  2. Dropped
  3. Error
  4. Failed
  5. Timeout
  6. Delivered
  7. Undelivered

This is important for you to understand the status of attempts, especially when you are setting up or configuring Fyno.

To further understand this page, let's have a look at what exactly each column means and the data they contain.


Shows you when the notification request was initiated from the application. Give you the date and time details. Make sure to set your time zone from "Settings" to display the time in your time-zone


Displays the name of the template that was used when the notification request was triggered.


Displays the name of the Event that was triggered with the notification request made to Fyno


Gives you a brief of where the end destination (recipient in this case) is along with the Channel that was used to reach that end destination.


Informs you which Provider was being used when the request for a notification was triggered.

Test & Live Versions

In the logs section, the Test and Live versions are uniquely partitioned, in order to show you the details notifications sent in that particular version of the API that has been generated.


Can't find a notification log?

Check the environment that the notification was triggered in. Notification triggered in Test environment cannot be seen in Live and vice versa.