Omnichannel Routing - Introduction

Fyno's Omnichannel Routing - the game changer thats going to give you the freedom to supercharge your notification.

The word "Omnichannel" explains the feature accurately, meaning all channels. Basically, this would give you the capacity to mix, match and play around with multiple Channels as well as Providers, allowing you to create routes with multiple complexities and features.

So, what is Omnichannel Routing?

Omnichannel at the crux of it, allows you to work with multiple notification channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Push, Chat or InApp in

  1. By connecting them one after another to work in tandem with each other
  2. As a failover or a back-up for the one preceding it.


What is the Difference between Single Channel Routing and Omnichannel Routing?

The difference between Single Channel Routing and Omnichannel Routing is the simple fact that Routing works to make connections WITHIN a Channel and Omnichannel Routing works to make connections BETWEEN channels.

Why use Omnichannel Routing?

Omnichannel routing allows you to have the flexibility of using any channel in your arsenal, at any point in time, to make sure the communication you want sent out to your customers actually gets delivered to them.

The constraint of a single channel is no longer a problem.

The uncertainty of "Will my communication reach my clients?" can be done away with.

When can Omnichannel Routing be used?

Omnichannel routing, when used correctly, can be leveraged to solve multiple use-case that would otherwise require multiple teams' coordination and many lines of code.

To understand the best way to leverage Omnichannel Routing is by taking a real use case.

Lets take an example. A Company ABC has a customer base in India as well as in USA. However, they would like to:

  1. Execute notifications to the customer base in India via SMS, since its cheaper and they already have a set-up in place.
  2. Execute notifications to the customer base in USA via WhatsApp, since this is the preferred method of communication.
  3. For both India and USA, post the first notification going out, wait for a minute and then send out a Push Notification with a summary of the content shared via the respective channels.

This seems like a tedious process that may be time consuming as well as involve different teams in terms of channel wise coordination, which would be needed to execute this efficiently. However, this can be easily created with Fyno's Omnichannel Routing feature in a matter of minutes.

Let's have a look at how to do this in the next sections.